Successful TÜV Recertification for Media Soft

Certified quality for development, sales, and maintenance of the OTEC® Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution as well as consultation and services for this software: Media Soft Technology GmbH is announcing the successful recertification of its management software by TÜV Saar. In line with its successful certification in 2011 and following a process-oriented audit, the Tholey, Germany-based provider of standard ERP software for companies from the surface finishing industry again received confirmation that its solution fully complies with the strict requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

The audit, which was conducted by TÜV Saar, included a survey of participants in the individual areas and a process inspection, as well as an inspection of documents and figures. Inspections confirmed, for example, that the scope of documentation for the Media Soft management system is justified based on the complexity of the processes, and that this documentation ensures proper use of the software. In addition, Media Soft was able to show that the management software is implemented in real-world systems, and that the company continuously monitors and works to improve their solution. All goals, specifications, and key figures are continuously observed and monitored.

“We are pleased to report the recertification of our company, which, back in November 2009, was one of the first software providers in Germany to receive the TÜV CERT seal in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard. This means that in the future, our customers and users can continue to rely on the fact that our management software complies with all standards – and that it is undergoing a process of continuous appraisal and improvement. They can trust that we, even as an independent provider, will continue to offer them certified high-quality software and comprehensive support including expert consultation services,” says Media Soft CEO Ralf Fleck, who is extremely pleased with the results of the recertification audit.