OTEC® for Anodizing

Regardless of the types of services your company offers in the field of anodizing, you can comprehensively map all of the necessary processes in OTEC® – from special requirements for technical anodizing, preprocessing, processes for decorative anodizing treatments, or workflows and other processes for hard anodizing. The OTEC® design concept for the structures and process flows within the software allows users to create and assign every imaginable series of processes. Users can also integrate third-party processing steps before or after the company’s own service in the work plan at any time.

The software monitors the product and provides the user with production information via PDC. Thanks to these features and the transparency they provide, the OTEC® solution offers companies all of the information they need to make important decisions. In a competitive market, smooth processes and transparency are absolutely crucial. Integrated rack management, a custom control system for warehouse movements which helps to fulfill production requirements, planning based on resources in individual systems or configured globally for the entire production process in the control station (in reference to available capacities and requirements for efficient workflows) – these features are unique to the surface finishing industry.

Interfacing with professional manufacturers in accordance with EDI, EDIFACT, and/or XML standards helps to fulfill these requirements.

The specialized integrated OTEC® accounting module is designed to calculate, adapt, and maintain prices. By offering many different options and variations for price management using general price lists, specialized price lists, customer-specific price lists, scaled prices, object price lists, all-inclusive prices, additional fees, freight costs, handling costs, and other options, OTEC® provides you with the tools you need to cultivate a strong position in the market.

The special OTEC® accounting module is an integral component of the OTEC® system. For over 20 years, this module has provided support to our customers and helped them to establish their business very precisely. 

The modular structure of the software enables the user to set up processes in the software exactly as needed to facilitate smooth operation within the organization. The user always has access to automatic processes and comprehensive information on systems, process control mechanisms, OTEC® quality management, and OTEC® DMS as an archiving system alongside a range of different histories. For many companies, employing a wide array of communication protocols for systems, powder warehouses, high rack warehouse, weighing machines, and/or third-party systems via standardized or custom interfaces is both convenient and necessary. In addition, different interfaces are required for customers to allow for the transferring of dispatch notifications, delivery schedules, invoices, etc. in accordance with EDI, EDIFACT or other standards, or via customer-specific interfaces.