OTEC® for EPD and Varnishing

No matter if the task involves dipping treatments or spray treatments with preprocessing or without preprocessing, or whether it’s for an industrial supplier or the manufacturer next door – the OTEC® ERP system offers individualized settings which allow the user to set up the company’s services (with or without work plans) and store, assign, and access the company’s individual products in the system.

Users can assign consumables to processes, allowing for automatic maintenance and reservation of the material stock (in this case, varnishes). This facilitates a clear overview of warehouse stock and allows companies to optimize the purchasing process. The software allows for continuous monitoring of all stocks with minimum stock maintenance, assignment of optimum ordering quantities for automatic ordering recommendations, management of a wide range of suppliers, etc.


OTEC® incorporates a wide range of different properties (item type, material, scaling amount, cascaded scaling, length, weight, surface area, or other dimensions, coating thickness, etc.), and it provides a unique calculation system to automatically calculate the prices for an individual offer and assign these prices to an order at the touch of a button.

OTEC® ensures price security, it saves time, and it frees up resources. This is accounting made easy.

Rounding off the classic requirements for an ERP system specialized in surface finishing technology, the solution offers complete integration of consumables, automatic assignment of consumption flows, rack management, SKU management and interfaces to warehouse systems, QM integration, e-mail interfaces, OTEC® Planning, OTEC® Graphic Control Station, OTEC® CRM for customer relationship management, and OTEC® DMS as an archiving system.

The modular structure of the software enables the user to set up processes in the software precisely as needed to facilitate smooth operation within the organization. The user always has access to automatic processes and comprehensive information on systems, process control mechanisms, OTEC® quality management, or OTEC® DMS as an archiving system alongside a range of different histories. For many companies, employing a wide array of communication protocols for systems, powder warehouses, high rack warehouse, weighing machines, and/or third-party systems via standardized or custom interfaces is both convenient and necessary. In addition, different interfaces are required for customers to allow for the transferring of dispatch notifications, delivery schedules, invoices, etc. in accordance with EDI, EDIFACT or other standards, or via customer-specific interfaces.