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OTEC® is a powerful, individually scalable software suite developed through years of experience and specifically tailored to the needs of the surface finishing industry. Whether your company specializes in electroplating, anodizing, industrial varnishing, vacuum coating, galvanizing, or other processes, our experience and our OTEC® software will help you to develop a custom ERP solution for your surface finishing processes.

For businesses with overseas subsidiaries or customers outside of German-speaking countries, the multilingual interface of the OTEC® solution represents a crucial advantage. This way, each employee can select his or her software language of choice, and each customer can receive documents in their appropriate language. 

OTEC® is specially developed to address the wide variety of processes in use in the surface finishing industry as well as the overlaps between the various coating types and operations used for different surface finishing methods.

Many of our customers offer more than one specialized type of surface finishing process within the same company. In addition, many of our customers offer a wide range of services related to finishing, such as mechanical processing (grinding, boring, polishing, and assembly) as well as special packaging services. OTEC® can even be used to manage the sales of finished products (such as prefabricated metal sheets, materials, etc.).

OTEC® software was developed through years of experience to fulfill the special requirements of job processing in the surface finishing industry – both with regard to its range of functions and the depth with which it addresses the required industrial processes. A typical job coating company has no idea what kinds of orders will come in tomorrow, but it must still have all of the necessary processes ready and organized for the day after tomorrow. A typical scenario involves both upstream and downstream process steps that have to be organized both internally and externally. Quality management and quality assurance must be fully integrated in the production process – for example, through the use of machines, employee organizational structures, the necessary inspections, and the corresponding management of accompanying documents, test logs, and test certificates. Using OTEC®, all calculations involved in the capacity planning of the systems and operating materials can be carried out soundly, precisely, and reproducibly, and even the standard version allows you to optimize your processes and save on costs and resources.

OTEC® also covers all processing of master data for customers, items, and processes, including process data and the corresponding parameters. The software includes integrated functions for inventory management, ordering, quotations, and public procurement, as well as modules for invoicing and final costing.

The OTEC® QM module is integrated in the standard version and includes a series of classic QM documents and processes such as complaint management, 8D reports, cross-cut tests, coating thickness measuring, FMEA and APQP, manufacturer certificates, and test certificates. Thanks to the integrated document management system, these documents can also be assigned to relevant external documents (e.g., standards as reference documents) at any time.

Any company specialized in surface finishing can use OTEC®. OTEC ® is ago-to individually scalable industrial software solution, developed through years of experience and specifically tailored to the needs of the surface finishing sector. Find out more about selected processes such as electroplating, powder coating, anodizing, plastic coating, EPD and varnishing, and vacuum coating.

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