OTEC® for Electroplating

OTEC® offers support for companies specialized in electroplating as well as in the areas of manual electroplating and automatic electroplating systems. You can set up your company’s electroplating processes individually and store and assign these processes to individual items along with detailed information about the properties of the process in question. Your customers’ specializations and the required mappings in your software, e.g., in your quality management system, are fully integrated. Whether it comes to initial sample text reports, FMEAs, requirements for measurements and testing material monitoring, VDA labels, commissions, test logs, or automatic forwarding of particular data to special contact partners via e-mail: OTEC® enables you to take all of these special conditions into account, either as part of the global master data or individually for each process.

Thanks to these features, the software gives you the necessary control and transparency to accompany all items through the production process, from drum parts to frame components – while always ensuring high quality and cost-effectiveness.

Should the process or quality requirements change or should you require an additional process, OTEC® enables you to handle these challenges on your own and meet all of the necessary requirements by making your own changes in the software. Quick and smooth processes are an absolute must, particularly for industry suppliers (such as from the automotive, aerospace, or medical technology industries). Whether it comes to recurring serial parts, disposables, or complete product ranges, this software suite is capable of managing all the diverse product ranges that your company requires.

The modular structure of the software enables the user to set up processes in the software precisely as needed to facilitate smooth operation within the organization. Automatic processes and comprehensive information on systems, process control mechanisms, on OTEC® QM, or on OTEC® DMS as an archiving system are available to the user at all times along with a range of different histories. This data only has to be collected once; it is then automatically made available in the corresponding areas. For many companies, employing a wide array of communication protocols for systems, powder warehouses, high rack warehouse, weighing machines, and/or third-party systems via standardized or custom interfaces is both convenient and necessary. In addition, different interfaces are required for customers to allow for the transferring of dispatch notifications, delivery schedules, invoices, etc. in accordance with EDI, EDIFACT or other standards, or via customer-specific interfaces.

Smooth order processing, quick cycle times, traceability, and compliance with quality-related criteria are of key importance for industrial suppliers. OTEC® will provide you with exactly the support you need.