OTEC® for Vacuum Coating

Regardless of which processes are used inside the coating chamber, the user can store and assign all necessary process data and the corresponding properties within the OTEC® system. Users can also store all other work steps, such as sealing or varnishing, along with parameters, work instructions, standards, and other information. This data is used for both the production process involved in the service itself as well as for calculating the price of the service.

Feedback systems (via PDC stations) and tracking ensure the necessary transparency for process monitoring, documentation, and final costing, and they create a basis for successful certification.

Users can quickly integrate new production processes into OTEC® without the need for extensive modifications. These processes are then immediately made available for selection and assignment within the software. This allows you to meet the ever-changing needs of your customers, ensuring full satisfaction for them and for you without any delays in the process. Customers from the aerospace industry require strict documentation regarding processes and compliance with standards in order to receive NADCAP or AIRBUS approval for their services. OTEC® provides you with the tools you need to successfully face these challenges and break into new market segments.

OTEC® incorporates a wide range of different properties (item type, material, scaling amount, cascaded scaling, length, weight, surface area, or other dimensions, coating thickness, etc.), and it provides a unique calculation system to automatically calculate the prices for an individual offer and assign these prices to an order at the touch of a button. The final costing is therefore based on both the given accounting data as well as the actual data for production and consumables.

OTEC® ensures price security, it saves time, and it frees up resources. This is accounting made easy.

In a competitive market, smooth processes and transparency are absolutely crucial. Integrated rack management, a custom control system for warehouse movements which helps to fulfill production requirements, planning based on resources in individual systems or configured globally for the entire production process in the control station (in reference to available capacities and requirements for efficient workflows) – these features are unique to the surface finishing industry. Interfacing with professional manufacturers in accordance with EDI, EDIFACT, and/or XML standards helps to fulfill these requirements.

The modular structure of the software enables the user to set up processes in the software precisely as needed to facilitate smooth operation within the organization. The user always has access to automatic processes and comprehensive information about systems, process control mechanisms, OTEC® quality management, as well as OTEC® DMS as an archiving system alongside a range of different histories. For many companies, employing a wide array of communication protocols for systems, powder warehouses, high rack warehouse, weighing machines, and/or third-party systems via standardized or custom interfaces is both convenient and necessary. In addition, different interfaces are required for customers to allow for the transferring of dispatch notifications, delivery schedules, invoices, etc. in accordance with EDI, EDIFACT or other standards, or via customer-specific interfaces.