Secure a Crucial Advantage in the Customer Race

Every company is unique when it comes to operational organization, processes, and customer structures, and that means that each company has a unique set of requirements. OTEC® system software optimizes your processes, gives you the freedom to be flexible when it comes to planning, and ensures transparency with regard to quality and performance.

Processing workpieces in surface job coating processes comes with its own specific set of organizational problems that rarely occur in other industrial sectors, meaning that in surface job processing operations, it is not sufficient to simply rely on standard software systems.

Managing a variety of different but extremely similar parts, each of which require short cycle times and individual preliminary costing, inevitably makes the calculation of operational costs a complex process. Without sufficient software support (particularly in the form of a specially tailored data acquisition system), the final costing needed to verify price mechanisms can be next to impossible due to varying part classifications and heterogeneous calculation models and quantity scales.

OTEC® is based on cutting-edge software technology and presents customers with a modern, future-proof software solution that is perfectly tailored to these tasks. Short implementation times and the time saved in order processing ensure a fast return on investment.

The Windows user interface facilitates fast and effective use of the system. This enables users to adapt to the system quickly, both in terms of administrative tasks as well for the collection of operational data during production. This results in high acceptance among employees (particularly thanks to the use of touchscreen monitors). The object-oriented design allows for custom adaptation of the system to meet operational requirements.

With over 20 years of experience developing software for surface finishing, we offer you extensive, comprehensive consultation regarding all aspects of data processing for your organization. We not only rely on our years of experience and established workflows; our success is also founded on the special tools that we have developed for the effective implementation of our OTEC® software system.