OTEC® Planning – Making Successful Companies One-of-a-Kind

Sensible planning means utilizing resources as cost-effectively as possible while meeting all client expectations with respect to quality and scheduling. The customizable dynamics provided by an integrated planning tool are extremely important for designing work plans in accordance with your company’s operational processes. Increasingly, surface finishers are expected to produce seamless process documentation. Accordingly, OTEC® continuously logs important work instructions and events such as inspections for the corresponding order. This way, existing processes are documented precisely so as to ensure that past processes can be traced later on. Access to the planning data history and additional graphical displays of evaluations are important support mechanisms when it comes to making important business decisions. This way, calculations are always realistic, sound, and profitable in the long-term.

OTEC® Planning facilitates...

  • Capacity planning for systems and corresponding operating materials.
  • Shift planning for employees.
  • Rack-specific order planning.
  • Order planning by system or process.
  • Custom planning of work plans based on work steps with or without specified parameters.
  • ... and much more.