OTEC® BDE – Programming Companies for Success

Process optimization and quality require transparency. Only through continuous reporting and constant availability of target/actual comparisons is it possible to gather the information required to ensure optimum control of company processes. This data serves as the basis for improving productivity, cost-efficiency, and quality. Highly effective coordination between product cycles and reports from PDC stations provides the data required for comprehensive evaluation.

Through a constant exchange of operational and process-related data, OTEC® PDC provides you with all the information you need for making important decisions.

OTEC® provides you with information through...

  • Constant availability of target/actual value comparisons.
  • Up-to-date figures on product cycles: who, what, where, when, at what quality level, and at which time.
  • Provision of all relevant operating data as well as through the integration of external devices.
  • Overview of employee work, system data, material consumption, etc.
  • Graphic and color-coded displays of data.
  • Provision of key figures for controlling.
  • Provision of data for compliance with standards, certification requirements, etc.
  • A quick flow of information within the company.
  • ... and much more.

OTEC® is fast, flexible, customizable, and provides precision support for all necessary decision-making processes.