OTEC® BaSys - Ready, Set, Go

In this day and age, good software is a necessity. A sophisticated solution customized to the processes and requirements involved in the surface finishing industry will optimize your processes and improve your administrative workflows. This will save on costs and resources, which will not only make your company more efficient, but also help you to successfully meet the requirements associated with certification processes and other challenges.

OTEC® BaSys handles processing requirements:

  • Related to master data for customers, items, and processes as well as process data and the corresponding parameters.
  • For accounting and pricing, on both a process-oriented level with respect to the scale of the process in question and an item-oriented level in connection with the necessary processes and scaled prices.
  • For inventory management including the management of materials and warehouses along with the corresponding consumption and reservation data, automated ordering, and the management of incoming invoices and customer-specific on-demand warehouses.
  • For quotations and public procurement including all manufacturing documents and work plans for an independent quality management system in which users can generate and assign their own modules.
  • For invoicing and final costing.
  • For quality management including internal and external complaints, coating thickness measuring logs, inventory test reports, test certificates, initial sample test reports, FMEA, 8D standard reports and reports in accordance with VDA standards, Kesternich tests, cross-cut tests, etc.
  • For management of in-house and third-party loading equipment (pallets, pallet cages, etc.).
  • For packaging and shipping.
  • For statistics and other evaluations.
  • For cost centers and key indicators.
  • For integrating financial accounting using a standardized DATEV interface, payroll accounting, and integration of the MS Office environment.
  • ... and much more.

OTEC ® is a powerful, individually scalable solution developed through years of experience and specifically tailored to the needs of the surface finishing industry.