New Features in OTEC® V12

The following is a selection of the many new features in OTEC® V12 that will help to make your work more flexible, transparent, and effective:

OTEC® Graphic Control Station: Display of actual production values in a Gantt chart; integration of a wide range of different system interfaces; direct graphic comparison of target and actual values complete with free selection of time range for overview of production facilities including third-party production; numerous access options for production control at a range of levels.

OTEC®PDC: PDC stations are equipped with important new features such as displaying stored documents, images, and standards as well as preventative texts, automatic printing of VDA labels in accordance with corresponding loading equipment/packaging, and camera-controlled documentation of goods received and goods issue processes.

OTEC® QM: Numerous new features, including: FMEA in accordance with the latest standards of the automotive industry; error types and error codes with images for error definition; current 8D reports in accordance with VDA; order-based categorization of internal and external complaints with corresponding evaluation options; test reports; manufacturer certificates, and much more.

OTEC® WarehouseScan: Simple assignment and determination of current storage location using a mobile scanner. 

OTEC® PicAssO (Android app): Mobile assignment of images to items and workflow steps by scanning with an Android smartphone.